When you make a purchase on Lagmall Inc; and by chance, you discover that the product is not as described or the product gets to you damaged maybe as a result of manhandling during the packaging and shipping process.

You can contact us by mail; Send us all the details of the order and pictures of the delivered product. Using any courier service of your choice; you would be asked to return the product to the closest convenience center near you by the agent in charge of your return and refund case. The service charge on the courier service for the return of the product is put on you. After successfully returning the damaged or faulty product, your refund will start being processed.

Refunds are a big part of the everyday e-commerce world. Every now and then; customers have one or more complaints about the condition of products or if they don’t appear as described in the image or on the website.

We only offer full refunds without question to your wallet which you can then use to make other purchases on Lagmall Inc. Cash-back refunds come with a fee; We only offer 80% cash-back as we also have conveniences and contingencies to deal with.

This might not be comfortable for you our customers but this is all we can do at the moment. We are working harder by the day to improve our services, returns, and refunds.

It would be highly appreciated if you could take the time to read through. And know about our Return and Refund Policy at this time.

For inquiries, send us an mail and let us know what you think about our Return and Refund Policy.

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